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Photo Credit: Khali Ackford



Lewis Wedlock is an activist, academic and social psychologist. His work centers around exploring and challenging structures that limit pathways to expressing magnificence. 

He is currently one of the UK's youngest lecturers and one of the West of England's most influential people under the age of 30.

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Photo Credit: Khali Ackford



Black Bristol
(Creative Director)

Black Bristol is an interactive timeline exploring some of Bristol's most important history. In response to the Black Lives Matter resurgance in 2020, the need for Black History resources that empowered and contextualised  accurately was incredibly apparent. This project aimed to address this need head on.


Flourish is a personal development and positive psychology module delivered at the University of The West of England. This module positions students as the object of study, and provides them with space to explore who they are, what skills they currently possess and how they can achieve their long term goals. 



Amplify is an extension of Black Bristol. This project is designed to challenge the expectation that people of colour are confined to specific career paths , and aims to show the multitude of perspectives and pathwways that exist for young people to pursue in life.

Pinpoint Academia


Pinpoint Academia is an academic personal development resource for university students. Pinpoint Academia has worked with the University of The West of England, Future Quest, Lund University and has impacted hundreds of students in the higher education space




Lewis delivers keynotes/sessions on a variety of different topics including activism, structural racism, masculinity and personal development. Below are some testimonials from people/organisations that Lewis has worked with.



Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Founder, The Editorial Intelligence Social Capital Network

"Lewis Wedlock is a compelling person and a compelling speaker. He has important things to say and he does so with grace and wisdom".


Ryan Nile, Founder Pure Creation Media

"Lewis is a hugely impressive individual and an incredible speaker. I was left with huge amounts of knowledge and insights I would not have known before hearing Lewis speak. Lewis’ calm, authoritative approach is very effective for the delicate social topics he covers, I feel Lewis could hold space with anyone and get salient points that touch people!” 


Muneera Pilgrim, Poet, Producer, Broadcaster

"Lewis is a remarkably engaging speaker with a unique ability to read audiences and convey difficult concepts in a simple, digestible manner. He easily builds connections and brings in references from a variety of views.  He dignifies the experiences of people he works with and galvanizes people to want to advocate for themselves". 


Sylwia Korsak, Founder 

"Lewis is a fantastic public speaker. He is knowledgable, experienced, passionate and very inspiring. Listening to his public speeches has always left me with the sense of possibility, action and hopefulness for a better, more inclusive future. I strongly recommend working with him if you are planning an impactful event."


Jenny Benson, Social Action Coordinator (OTR Bristol)

"Lewis is an excellent speaker, and can perfectly pitch his tone and content to the audience - tackling complex topics in easy-to-understand ways without diminishing their importance. He opens up your natural curiosity with his broad base of knowledge, and draws you into the conversation with his engaging cadence and style. I would not hesitate to book Lewis again!"


What Clients Say

Inspire Me: Series (September 22nd)
Location: Bristol
Event Type: Interview/Question and Answer
Tickets Available Here
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