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The Mendable Anchors


How do we raise a generation of men not bound to the pressures and traumas of their cultural predecessors?


How do we rediscover and reintegrate the ideas and modalities that were erased from historical timelines? 


How do we craft communities who explore, channel and project their magnificence loudly and authentically?

The Mendable Approach embraces social psychology, sociology and person-centered therapeutics.


It is designed to help people understand the cultural complexity of lived experience, and how this complexity can distort the inner worlds if not acknowledged and compassionately explored.

Self -work is the catalyst for structural change. We cannot dismantle systemic oppression without dismantling the bystanders within us.

Through the triangulation of self-awareness, self-love and structural understanding, The Mendable Model serves life-long and life-wide. It holds compassion as the key ingredient of adaptation, and humanizes the messy, clunky and mistaken laden process of allyship. 


We aren’t perfect, but we are Mendable.


Talks to high school, college/sixth form and university students on masculinities, patriarchy and misogyny. 

  Staff training/CPD on working with a range of masculinities.  

One off workshops or workshop series on masculinities delivered to high school, colleges/sixth form or university students.

Corporate/organisational keynotes and workshops on compassion centered EDI. 

Helen Fullagar - University of Bristol

“Lewis is an engaging speaker, articulate and knowledgeable, but spoke in a way that was accessible and easy to understand. We look forward to working with Lewis at the University of Bristol in the future.”

The Podcast

The Mendable Podcast explores a range of topics that impact masculinities from lenses often ignored in mainstream discussion. 

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